KairoSpace is a young Company of skilled engineers and researchers having long time experience in design, manufacturing and testing of materials and structures for applications in Aerospace and Defense sectors. The technical know-how of the Company R&D group ranges from basic background of material science and EM fields up to advanced areas such as hybrid multi-functional composites, algorithms of evolutionary computation and hi-tech testing devices design and setting. The technologies provided by KairoSpace can be used in standard applications, as for lightweight structural panels and microwave equipment, as well as for tailored solutions in strategic issues as EM Interference shielding, Radar tracking reduction, resistance in harsh environment and high-energy ballistic systems. The Company’s core business goes from the concept and optimization of customized structures and tools up to the production of commercial prototypes. Furthermore, KairoSpace provides personnel and facilities to perform certification tests and quality checking, as well as professional consultancy and training services regard to the Company field of expertise.    


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